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Jessica Kirkwood posted How to maximize social media at NCVS

Twitter Follow @NCVS on Twitter to hear all the official conference tweets. Additionally, follow the conference conversation by searching the #NCVS Twitter hashtag. (The search bar is located in the right sidebar of your Twitter homepage.) Each NCVS workshop session and forum is assigned a unique session #hashtag. While the overall conference conversation will take place on the #NCVS hashtag, you can follow individual session twitter streams by s... [read more]

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Be Extraordinary. posted Tweets about NCVS

Use Tweet Notes to see all #NCVS tweets and be able to go through them after the conference! http://app.beextra.org/tweetnotes/event/id/ncvs/session/2763

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Rhoda Bridges posted Financial Statement

This is our 1st year and every entity wants to see a financial statement, how do your draft one in the first year that will allow grantors to want to fund your organization?

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